Virtual Memorial Coming Soon

According to Dr. Brad Hilton, AFWMF Director of Technology, a team of companies in the KC area are beginning to develop requirements and costs for the Virtual Memorial phase of the project. “The Virtual Memorial is the first phase of the entire effort. Before we can build a physical memorial with individual service member plaques, we must develop a complete database of all the fallen”. In doing this we will create a first of its kind virtual memorial where families and friends and battle buddies can upload pictures and videos, leave heartfelt notes and honor their fallen hero with flags and wreaths at key holidays during the year. This virtual memorial will be accessible through any mobile device or computer and allow families to honor their loved one whenever and wherever they gather. The Virtual Memorial will be linked to the physical memorial through scanner codes on the physical memorial.

A Four-Phase agile development plan is in place. We began Phase 1B in October 2020. Our team of developers are starting to build the prototype which we hope to present at our Memorial Day Luncheon in May 2021.