A Virtual Memorial to the Fallen from the War on Terror

coming soon 2021


It’s Their Story…

Creating the first of its kind virtual memorial for the fallen warriors from the war on terror is no easy task. Unlike other memorials, this virtual memorial starts the journey with the fallen warriors themselves. Not just the warrior, but also the person. Not just battles or campaigns, but the stories of our sons and daughters growing up in our communities and volunteering to serve this nation. This new type of memorial tells the story of who they were before their service and their motivation to join and defend our freedom.

The American Fallen Warrior Virtual Memorial will allow participants to learn, understand and experience the many stories of these fallen heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our nation. Collectively this is their story.

Visitors to the Virtual Memorial will be able to upload pictures, videos, awards, and letters about their service member and celebrate their life and tell their story. They can leave comments and honor them by placing a virtual wreath, a flag, or a graphical coin in recognition and honor. Visitors can then share how their warrior’s service and challenges on the battlefield made our nation a safer place to help viewers understand the significant of their sacrifice for all of us.

Virtual Memorial visitors will be able to cross reference data such as, finding a fallen service member from a specific unit or on a specific day in their career. Eventually, we will include historical information associated with each service member, such as information about their branch of service, the theater of operations, the named operation, and their unit. To do this we plan to partner with the Department of Defense and well known organizations that have covered the war on terror from the beginning, to look at the geography, the history and the timeline associated with this war.

Ultimately the goal of the virtual memorial is to allow families and friends and battle buddies to honor their fallen warrior from wherever they are and whenever it is appropriate. It will be the first of its kind in the United States. The online Virtual Memorial does not stand alone. It will have a mobile component that allows us to take portable kiosks to schools, libraries, and other museums to expand the reach and access of the memorial.

Eventually a physical memorial and museum will be built in the public on the war on terror. Kansas City, Kansas area. This sacred space will employ virtual and augmented reality technologies to enhance a visitor’s experience and provide a blended experience that informs and educates

In order to move forward, we need your donations to complete the work on the virtual capability before Memorial Day 2021.

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