Flag Planting

The Power of a Grateful Nation to Honor
and Celebrate its Fallen Warriors

Kansas City, Kansas (May 15, 2017) – Kansas City, get ready on Memorial Day 2017 to make a Red, White, and Blue statement that will resonate across the Midwest and have many Americans beaming with patriotic pride.

On Thursday, May 25th, American Fallen Warrior Memorial Foundation is teaming up with The Home Depot Foundation, Team Depot volunteers, and other service-based helpers to begin placement of 8,000 American flags in several grassy areas on State Avenue near the parking-lot entrance of Schlitterbahn Waterpark in Kansas City, Kansas.

This emotional presentation, available for public viewing from Friday, May 26th – Sunday, June 4th, will honor and represent our nation’s fallen warriors from the War on Terror.

Parking is free. Admission is free. (See attached street map for flag-planting sites).

KCK is the proposed site of the AFWMF’s National War on Terror Memorial & Museum that will commemorate the lives of these brave service members who paid the ultimate sacrifice while serving their country in the U.S. military. The mission is straightforward – make this sea of flags a memorable milestone and KCK community-supported salvo towards getting the Memorial & Museum funded, built, and opened to a global audience.

AFWMF President Jack Barnes: “8,000 American Flags in the ground will be a meaningful visual display and public reminder of those who served to defend our flag, our country, and our freedom. As a Veteran, it is my passion and privilege to lead the public and encourage its support of this very important Memorial Day holiday. Memorial Day is every day for the families of the fallen, and this event is one way we can show those families that we remember them, their loved ones, and their sacrifices.”

While the American flags are in the ground for public viewing, Schlitterbahn Waterpark will be hosting its American Heroes Week from Memorial Day Monday, May 29th through Sunday, June 4th. Members of the Military, Police, Firefighters, and EMTs are admitted FREE during this special week as a salute to our troops and public-safety officers. Tickets for spouses and dependent children are available for 50% off the regular General Admission gate price.

The Home Depot Olathe provided AFWMF with several grants to purchase 8,000 American flags.

Since 2011, The Home Depot Foundation has invested more than $184 million toward improving the lives and homes of U.S military veterans and their families, and along with the help of Team Depot associate-led volunteer forces, has impacted 30,000 homes and facilities for veterans.

About the American Fallen Warrior Memorial Foundation:

The AFWMF was founded in 2011 and is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit with the altruistic goal of building a National War on Terror Memorial & Museum that serves as a place to honor the fallen U.S. service members from the War on Terror. A secondary mission is to educate America’s youth about the heroic sacrifices being made for our liberties and freedom. The AFWMF’s goals will be accomplished with the help of patriotic Americans from all walks of life joining forces to make sure this National Memorial & Museum is funded and built and our Fallen Warriors have a suitable and sacred place of remembrance and honor.

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AFWMF Contacts:

Jack Barnes

Jim Potoski