Annual Board of Directors/Board of Advisor Meeting

At our annual Board of Directors/Board of Advisors Meeting on 22 NOV 2019, we reelected two of our 5 Board Members and made the following key decisions:

· To retain Alliance of Nonprofits for Insurance (ANI) Group for our general liability insurance.

· To make three changes to the By-Laws:

· Motion passed 5-0: Article X Officers, Section 11 (New). That we amend the By-Laws to read: “The AFWMF establishes an Executive Committee comprised of the President, Treasurer, Executive Director and Director of Operations. The Executive Committee is charged with making day to day decisions with approval of 3 members. The intent is to reduce the need to gather the entire Board for day to day operations and operational decisions.”

· Motion passed 5-0: Article XIV Miscellaneous. Section 6 (New) Budgeting: That we amend the By Laws to read: “The board of Directors will approve a general budget each year in preparation for the next year. The Executive Director and Director of Operations will conduct business within that approved budget. The Executive Committee has the authority to spend up to $2500 for items not reflected in the budget with the approval of 3 members of the Executive Committee. The Executive Director and Director of Operations have the authority for up to $500 in discretionary spending for last minute requirements.”

· Motion passed 5-0: Article X, Section 3 (change by adding the following) That we amend the By-Laws to read: “In the absence of an elected Vice President to the BODs, The Director of Operations will act as the Vice President and Director of Operations.”

· To participate in Giving Tuesday in 2020.

· To participate in Wreaths Across America this year.

· To approve the budget for 2020

· To approve the design concept and development plan for the Virtual Memorial

· To have the 2020 luncheon on SEP 10 rather than SEP 11 to deconflict with other 9/11 events nationwide.

· To contact 10 key donors to raise funds for the Virtual Memorial Prototype, a Leadership Assessment of 60 KC area companies and to create 2-3 more Fallen Warrior Tributes.

Board of Directors Include:

Chris Croft President of the Board Jan 2019 – Jan 2021
Michael “Mike” Prevou VP & Director of Operations Jan 2020 – Dec 2022
John “Jack” Rush Executive Director Jan 2020 – Dec 2022
Tony Kramer Director of Finance/CFO May 2019 – May 2021
Brad Hilton Director of Technology Jan 2019 – Jan 2021
Dawn Hilton Director of Community Engagement Oct 2019 – Oct 2021
Chuck Stevens Director of Development
Acting Secretary – Stephanie Drake