American Fallen Warrior Memorial Foundation

War on Terror Memorial and Museum in Kansas City


2020 Fallen Warrior Memorial Luncheon

Due to the COVID 19 restrictions we are moving our September 2020 Fallen Warrior Memorial Luncheon from September 2020 to May 2021 just prior to Memorial Day weekend. Additional details will be provided in the months to come.

In commemoration of 9/11 and the official start of the War on Terror, we are planning a motorcycle rally and ride in and around the Kansas City Area. Dates and details will be announced in July. If your group is interested in participating, please contact Mike Prevou at for information.

To help us continue to honor our fallen please text the word “Remember” to 243725

The Virtual Memorial

Watch our concept for the first of its kind virtual memorial that will allow family and friends to upload pictures, videos, and notes that tell the story of their fallen warrior.

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The Vision Statement

Download our new vision statement to learn more about the project and our timeline and/or go to the link below.

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Honoring Our Fallen Heroes

Remembering and honoring the memory of each Fallen Warrior is our mission. These tribute videos help us tell their story.

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American Fallen Warrior Memorial Foundation

The American Fallen Warrior Memorial Foundation is a designated 501(c)(3) non-profit whose mission is to provide the organizing, fundraising, and coordinating efforts to build a memorial and museum in the Kansas City area by September 2024 that commemorates America’s Fallen Warriors during the War on Terror – from the 1983 Beirut barracks bombings to the present. The American Fallen Warrior Memorial and Museum in Kansas City will honor those who served, educate the public about the sacrifices made to protect our freedom, and serve as a sacred meeting place of hope and remembrance.

Memorial and Museum

Why Kansas City?

Thousands of men and women from the heartland of America have answered the call to serve in our military and defend our freedoms in the War on Terror. However, many of our nation’s monuments and memorials seem to be built far away and clustered on the east coast. Kansas City provides an accessible, middle-of-the-country location where we can honor and celebrate those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Our Memorial will include the names of the fallen using a picture and interactive technology on each fallen service member’s wall plaque to share his or her story. Our Museum will tell the nation’s story about combating terrorism and an embedded Veterans Support Center will provide offices and gathering places for local veterans groups and support non-profits.


Honor. Remember.
Educate. Support.

HONOR: We must honor the women and men that have sacrificed and are sacrificing for our great nation. Their efforts have helped to provide the security that all Americans enjoy during a time of persistent terrorism. We must honor those who have chosen service above self and made the security of our great nation paramount in their lives.

REMEMBER: Our nation should never forget military members whom have fought and are fighting to preserve the sanctity of life, our American way, and liberty for freedom loving people everywhere. Freedom is not free. We must remember that for those who have served, freedom has a taste that the protected will never know.

EDUCATE:  Educating our citizenry about the ongoing War on Terror is essential if we are to find ways as a nation to adapt and overcome the harms of terrorists that want nothing more than to see American citizens live in fear and not enjoy the freedoms that our country has long stood for and continues to promote today.

SUPPORT: Support our veterans groups and provide them a safe and sacred place of remembrance to meet, heal, and learn.

Helping Us Move Forward

Our vision is to build this Memorial and Monument on a 4-to-6-acre plot of land in a highly-trafficked location in Kansas City, Kansas. To do this, we must initially raise an estimated $15 million and mobilize the voices of veterans groups, the business community, and city leaders from the greater KC metropolitan area.

Join our movement and mission. Bring your passion and ideas.
Help us get our message out to a grateful nation and build momentum.
Help fundraise and financially support this honorable cause.
Become a Sponsor.
Help us raise $15 million for this privately funded project.



Ride2Remember 2020
2020 Fallen Warrior Memorial Luncheon Rescheduled
Virtual Memorial

Why a War on Terror Memorial and Museum?

The strength of our Nation is our Armed Forces. The strength of the Armed Forces is our servicemen and women. The strength of our servicemen and women is our families. The American Military recognizes that no one has given more to the Nation than the families of the fallen.